Increase Sales, Reorders And Customer Satisfaction

HygieneLink recruits and manages teams of Dental Hygienists to visit dental
offices to educate, train or sell products and services.

Create The Program That Works
For You

You know what it takes to get your buyers excited and we've learned a lot about calling on and following up with dental offices. Together we can design an execution with the best chance for success.

Not sure? We can test different approaches in different markets.
Pick The Right Team

Some Hygienists like to sell. Many like to train. A few love to present. A detailed job description will help us create the right profile for recruiting.
Execute National and Regional
Programs Quickly


HygieneLink has it all in place the potential team, the management and the reporting systems. Just add product training and we are ready to launch.

Keep It Simple

HygieneLink takes care of almost everything recruiting, coordinating training, scheduling, compensating, managing and reporting.

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