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Sample Assignments
4 Articles

What is a typical Practice Presentation assignment?
What is a typical Practice Education Assignment?

What is a typical Training assignment?
What is a typical Sales assignment?

Managing My Information
3 Articles

 How do I change my registration information?
 How do I change my profile?


Questions About Working
2 Articles

 How do I get placed?
 Can I work more than one project at a time?

Getting Paid
3 Articles

 How do I get paid?
 How is payment calculated?
 How are field expenses handled?

Questions about the job...
3 Articles

 How do I get trained?
 Who will I report to?
 How do I submit activity reports?

Manufacturer Clients:
Questions about getting started
3 Articles

 How do we move forward and place a team
on the street?
 Can we train hygienists and have them on call?
 Are there minimum time commitments for
each project?


Questions about the status of current projects
2 Articles

 What kind of reporting is available?
 How do we know what is going on in the field?

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